What is Soilless growing?

Soilless growing is also known as Semi-Hydro. It is the act of growing plants in a soilless planting medium that is inorganic and inert, where the plant is self-watered via a water reservoir.

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Growing Medium

Semi-hydro potting medium is highly porous in order for the water (+ nutrients) to be absorbed by it and delivered to the plant roots. Common potting medium include Leca or Perlite.

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Benefits of Semi-Hydro

Reduced maintenance

The plant takes up the water at the rate that it needs, so there is less frequent watering.

Reduced risk of root rot

Because it takes up the amount of water that it needs, there is less risk of root rot. The Leca does not clump together like soil so there is also more aeration which help roots grow more healthily

Re-use again (does not break down so easily)

Even after using for a considerable amount of time, you can just wash and rinse it, then re-use again.

Material used for our workshop

LECA – Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate

You can just remember it as LECA or clay pebbles/balls.


How to plant your container, cup, glass or vase

  • Pour up to 2cm height of LECA into your glass container
  • Remove most of the soil from the roots of plant and pot into the container
  • Cover all the roots of plant with LECA, and using a chopstick, agitate the LECA to secure the plant
  • Water up to the 2cm mark only, each time you water your plant

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