Euphorbia Tirucalli (pencil tree)


Euphorbia Tirucalli (pencil tree) is a sculptural succulent plant that can grow taller than human height if planted in the ground. Potted as a house plant, it is full of character and super rewarding even without full sunlight. Just place near a window and you will see it sprouting new growth pretty quickly. Rotate to keep the growth balanced. Just give it the correct light requirements, and this makes for a low maintenance plant that is also great for a beginner plant parent. Potted in a tapered, charcoal cement pot.

Pot and plant: 12.5cm width by 28-32cm height

Each plant is unique and will differ from image shown.

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Sunlight: Full sun, filtered sunlight or artificial light.

Water: Once a week.

Feeding: A diluted general fertilizer once a month is beneficial to the plant.


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