Ficus Pumila Variegata (soil-less)


Planted in leca and therefore soil-less, Ficus pumila variegata or variegated creeping fig is fuss-free and quite fast-growing. As its name implies, it is a creeper and looks lovely trailing over a shelf. Easy for a beginner as it does not require much care.  Do remember that it is still living and does need appropriate light to grow well!

Glass cylinder and plant: 6.5cm diameter by 15-17cm height

There may be small variations between the website image and the product received as each plant is unique.

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Sunlight: Partial sunlight or grow light.

Water: Planted in leca (Lightweight expanded clay aggregate). Water with 3 tablespoons of water once a week.

Feeding: A general purpose liquid fertilizer (diluted according to pack instructions) once a month will keep it in optimal condition.


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