Art Jam with Paul (Special Edition)


To celebrate Singapore’s Birthday this month of August, we’ve brought out our precious Peranakan ware to give the plants some vintage flair.

Join us as we host another “free and easy session” with Paul. Come sit in our lush, green space with your favourite tools (sketch book, paper, pen/pencil and watercolour), and paint this specially curated set-up by us, or anything else here that strikes you.

Paul will be around to give you tips and guide you during this experiential art jam, as you spend some time painting with fellow enthusiasts, learn from one another, and simply unwind surrounded by nature.

There will be light refreshments and DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolour for you to try out.

Limited seats. Please reserve your seat early.

Duration: 2 hours

Fee: $40 per person

Venue: Little Big Garden, 32a Sago Street, 059025


About Paul Wang

PAUL is a passionate art and design educator from Singapore. His art is highly inspired by his training in interior architecture and stage design. His convoluted lines and colourful splashes may look spontaneous but are actually choreographed like a stage performance. Look closely and you will discover stories behind each sketch.

He conducts regular experimental play-based drawing and painting workshops in Singapore and abroad to fuel his creativity.

He is also an active Urban Sketcher and currently serves as their blog correspondent, instructor and Advisory Board member.


6222 1081


32A SAGO STREET Singapore 059025

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