Sand Art Terrarium


Fun to create with eye-popping colours, sand art is suitable for both children and adults.

For kids, building the colourful swirling layers of sand keeps them attentive because they can see the transformation through the glass, and the sense of accomplishment when they complete the process and top it off with an air plant, that is easy enough for them to maintain.

Adults can create more complex patterns to complete an eye catching piece for the shelf or desk top.

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

Not recommended for children below 5 years old.

  • Introduction to a few simple tools and techniques
  • Hands-on session to create sand art
  • Caring for your air plant

Workshop materials include 1 glass vessel, 1 air plant per person, coloured sand, 1 figurine.

Duration: 45 min to 1 hour

Fee: $35 per person

Both physical and zoom workshops are available for corporate and schools. Email us your requirements here.


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