A simple way to feel happier is to learn something new that interests you. Our workshops bring you closer to plants and nature. Whether you are just a plant novice or have already begun your plant journey, pick the workshop that best suits you. Host a birthday activity for plant-loving friends, engage in hands-on plant crafting activity with your work team, or bond with your family over these workshops. For larger workshops offsite, drop us an email with the details at [email protected]

Trailing Plants Kokedama: A Hands-On Workshop

Thinking of dressing up a window with plants? Learn how to craft your own Trailing Plants Kokedama, that would be the perfect start to creating your own hanging garden.

My Little Needle - Felted Cactus

For all you serial plant killers out there (and even if you aren’t one), we now offer you a therapeutic workshop where you can make a cactus from scratch–one that requires absolutely no care! We will guide you through the fascinating process of transforming wads of fluffy wool into adorable little cacti, minus the thorns


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