Euphorbia Bongovalensis


Euphorbia Bongovalensis is an easy xerophyte (plant adapted to arid conditions). It is characterised by  a main stem with branches of ovate leaves and pink petioles. It blooms small clusters of yellow flowers. The intensity of its foliage varies from darker green to pale green depending on the intensity of sun it gets. It can be kept indoors near a bright, sunny window, or under grow light. Potted in an earthen pot.

Pot and plant: 10.5cm width by 26-32cm height.

Each plant is unique and will differ from image shown.

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Sunlight: Full morning sun, partial afternoon sun, or grow light.

Water: Twice a week under full sun or partial afternoon sun. Once a week under grow light.

Feed: Feed a general purpose liquid fertiliser at least once a month.


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