Hoya Obovata, kokedama


Hoya Obovata, with its round, thick, succulent leaves, is one for the collection. We find it a very easy and unfussy Hoya to keep. As with all Hoya, it is not very fast growing and giving it ample partial sunlight is important. When it grows too big, you can easily propagate cuttings. Comes with string hanger for hanging.

Each plant is unique and will differ from image shown.

Height: 20-22cm

Kokedama diameter size: 9-11cm

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Sunlight: Partial sunlight or grow light.

Water: 1 to 2 times a week. Half submerge the ball in a container of water and let it sit for 1 minute before removing.

Feed: To keep the plant healthy and encourage flowering, feed twice a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer. Mist the leaves as well as submerge the ball in the water containing the diluted liquid fertilizer. Misting foliage with orchid fertiliser will also encourage flowering.



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