Lycopodium Squarrosum, kokedama


Lycopodium Squarrosum, or Rock Tassel Fern, is one of the oldest “living fossils” of fern-allies. It has beautiful, pendulous, bristle-like tassels and can trail up to 75cm. It enjoys a humid environment with partial sunlight or very bright shade. If you have a bright bathroom with ventilation, it would make the perfect statement plant!  This is one of our few upside down kokedama because the plant is suited for it.

Each plant is unique and will differ from image shown.

Height: 60-75 cm

Kokedama diameter size: 14-15cm

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Sunlight: Partial sunlight, bright shade or artificial light.

Water: Twice a week. Half submerge the ball in a container of water and let it sit for 1 minute before removing. 

Feeding: To keep the plant healthy, feed once a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer.


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