Nature’s Defender 300ml


Nature’s Defender is a chemical-free cedar oil solution, specially created for prevention & post-infestation treatment.

Formulated with all-natural cedar oil & ethyl lactate, Nature’s Defender makes excellent alternative to synthetic chemical pesticides. It is a great solution for ornamental and edible plant, indoors and outdoors, effectively treating pests such as spider mites, aphids, mealy bugs, fungus gnats & many more!

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Nature’s Defender performs 3 major functions:

1. Eliminates adult pest population.

2. Interupts egg laying cycle.

3. Creates barrier of re-entry, repelling & deterring insects from entering control zone.

Pheromone interference with the insect’s octopamine neuro receptors ensures treatment of the next generation of pests.

Spray an ample amount directly onto pests, plants or soil. Reapply as needed.


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