Philodendron Florida Beauty Greeting Card


Send some ‘rare-plant’ love with these contemporary greeting cards by OBJECT B, an offshoot of Blue Beetle Design, a local integrated design consultancy.

Avid plant lovers who started collecting plants for more than a decade (way before the plant craze began), OBJECT B chose 4 plants to reinterpret, resulting in their signature edgy style.

Choose from:

Monstera Albo variegata

Philodendron Pink Princess

Philodendron Florida Beauty

Begonia Maculata

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These cards are printed on wove uncoated stock, so they serve as a great addition to a gift or just a thoughtful written note to a friend.

  • Blank inside
  • 15cm x 15cm
  • 270gsm
  • Comes with an ivory woodfree envelope

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