Pithecellobium Confertum ‘Everfresh Tree’ アカサヤネムノキ, Small


A popular tree in Japan, Pithecellobium confertum or Everfresh tree is a willowy tree that is really easy and rewarding. It grows moderately fast if placed in bright, indirect sunlight and the thing to take note of is that it’s a thirsty tree. Don’t let it dry out or you will notice leaves browning and falling off. It goes through a “sleep exercise” in the evenings by closing its leaves to conserve water. In its current pot, it can grow at least another 1 feet in height. Potted in our cement, ridged pot. Comes with base.

Pot and plant: 9.5cm width by 40-45cm height

Each plant is unique and will differ from image shown.


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Sunlight: Filtered sunlight or artificial light.

Water: Alternate days.

Feeding: A general purpose fertilizer once a month will keep it in optimal condition.


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