Selenicereus Chrysocardium “Fernleaf Cactus”, kokedama


Selenicereus Chrysocardium or Fernleaf Cactus is an epiphytic, spineless specie that has long stems of broad, flat, leaves that give it a resemblance to a fern. It can produce large, white flowers in the right conditions but very seldom blooms. It is not a demanding plant and will make a lovely addition to other hanging plants.

Each plant is unique and will differ from image shown.

Height: 30-40 cm

Kokedama diameter size: 9-10cm

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Sunlight: Filtered sunlight, bright shade or artificial light.

Water: 2 times a week. Half submerge the ball in a container of water and let it sit for 1 minute before removing.

Feeding: To keep the plant healthy, feed once a month with an all-purpose liquid fertilizer.


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