‘False Cypress’ (Chamaecyparis Ellwoodii) Mini Christmas tree (Soilless)


Beginner plant parenting made easy! Soil-less and fuss-free with specific watering instructions, this False cypress or Chamaecyparis ellwoodii, is planted in a smoky glass cylinder and will look lovely sitting on a bright table top. These slow-growing evergreen conifers have soft, feathery foliage, and will bring you some Christmas cheer. These are great as gifts or for yourself, as they will keep growing beyond the season, so you will still have them next year. Keep them at a bright window with some sunlight streaming in, and don’t forget to water them, as they are pretty thirsty trees.

Glass cylinder and plant: 6.5cm diameter by 25-28cm height

There may be small variations between the website image and the product received as each plant is unique.


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Sunlight: Partial sunlight, or grow light.

Water: Planted in leca (Lightweight expanded clay aggregate). Water with 3 tablespoons of water twice a week.

Feeding: A general purpose liquid fertilizer (diluted according to pack instructions) once a month will keep it in optimal condition.


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